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Do you have a health related peer support group on Social Media?  Or are you interested in collaborating to support our work?

Why sign up for updates now?

In the near future we'll be posting applications for membership. The main reason to join The Light Collective is to lend your voice, your passion and your expertise to a community of people and organizations who support safe and responsible online network support groups.

Do I have to agree with everything The Light Collective does?

No. The Light Collective is committed to transparent, deliberative democracy. That can be messy, slow, and even contentious. Being a member means you have a vote as we shape the vision for the future of peer support groups online together.

Being a member also means that you agree to abide by rules and norms until and unless they change through the procedures that The Light Collective is putting in place. Sign up for updates and we will send you an email when applications are open for membership!

How do I become a member?

You become a member by submitting an application, which would then be reviewed and voted on by our existing membership. Applications will be coming soon. If you want to apply, please share a way to get in touch with you so that we can send you an application.

Members agree to abide by the norms and governance practices that are set by The Light Collective.