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Our goal is to help peer support groups create healthy human connections on the internet.

Peer support communities are an important and life-saving resource on the internet.

As these communities formed over the last decade,  they have become the bedrock of recruitment for clinical trials, research studies.  These communities generate valuable data.  Health care organizations, technology companies are often the beneficiary of the knowledge generated in these communities on the internet.

The Light Collective’s goal is to help peer support communities and members understand the value of their work, offer resources protect privacy, improve community leadership and moderation skills, and foster fair partnerships.  We believe these things are necessary to support and sustain the work of patient peer support communities online.

The Light Collective designed a governance structure that shares power with our members.


No patient community should be left to wonder how a backroom business deal might affect their own privacy, their rights, or their access to knowledge.

Learn More: Our Approach to Community Governance

We are a collective of health peer support groups on social media.

The Light Collective is transforming online peer support groups from a world in which patients are powerless, wholly dependent upon the decisions and interests of tech platforms where they reside, to one in which online patient communities have the tools, resources, governance, and autonomy to shape their own futures.

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Self Governance

We develop tools and resources for peer support groups to collectively self-govern. and we model self-governance through our own governance structure and practices.

Fair Partnerships

We develop standards for fair, transparent, and ethical partnerships between peer support groups and other entities.

Expert Moderation

We develop programs, resources, training, & content moderation standards to help peer support group leadership better perform and sustain their work.

Open Source Tech

We develop open source digital tools, resources, and best practices to allow peer support groups to be as safe as possible online and to shape their own futures.