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What are best practices for online support communities?

This video was created by Susannah Fox and Reframe Health.

Peer Support: A Shared Definition

/pir sə-ˈpȯrt /   noun

Peer Support is the support that people who share the lived experience of a health condition or health risk give to one another. It can also address issues beyond health. Online support group members choose memberships based on need for support based on a disease or health risk and their status as a patient, caregiver.

Peer Support By the Numbers


51% of young adults say they have tried to find people online with health concerns similar to their own.


76% of people in hereditary cancer community participate to connect with others who have the same health condition.


89% of Americans believe it is likely influencers contribute to health misinformation and 76% fact-check their endorsements.
Source: CharityRx 2022

Peer support is a critical part of care navigation.

Download Guide: Peer Support Moderation Best Practices