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Our mission: To advance the collective rights, interests, and voices of patient communities in health tech.

Watch The Light Collective’s Mission In Action

Here are some examples of our work

Our Stories Matter

Watch the incredible story of Valencia Robinson, Director of Community Outreach at The Light Collective.

DEF CON 2021

Threat Models for Predictive Algorithms

Public Town Hall

Check out our Town Hall in October 2023.

2019 Inaugural Meeting

Watch footage from our first meeting in February 2019, which set the founding vision for The Light Collective.

NIH Ground Rounds

Disinformation, Cyberthreat, and Choice.

Public Town Halls

Check out our Town Hall in October 2022.

There are good and bad types of health data sharing in healthcare technology. Let's bolster the good kind and protect from the bad kind.

Our vision is a world in which patients and patient communities participating in health technologies are safe from exploitation and harm, have the right to decide how our collective health information is used and shared or used.

The value of the collective governance is derived from the ability of an online community to make and carry out decisions. As patients, we serve a critical role in the healthcare landscape.  We seek a future where the role of patients is recognized, valued, and supported on equal footing with technology developers.

Core Values of The Light Collective

These are the core values of The Light Collective’s governance.

Tapping into the power of The Collective.

We seek ways to make online communities and the members they serve the beneficiary of resources and knowledge that are generated by online health communities.

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Consensus Driven

We make important decisions together by voting.

Legal + Ethical

We seek partners who follow the law and basic principles of research + medical ethics.

Transparent + Accountable

Online health communities seek transparency and accountability from the technology platforms where they reside.


Leadership of The Light Collective, and leaders of online communities must be responsive to the members that they serve.

Efficient + Effective

Make the use of knowledge and resources efficient and effective for the benefit of online health communities.

Equitable + Inclusive

The Light Collective must seek ways to be equitable and inclusive to diverse online health communities.