Our Mission

“We are a nonprofit on a mission to help peer support groups foster healthy human connections on the internet. We provide tools, resources, and training for patient peer support group leaders to practice collective self governance, negotiate fair partnerships, and foster good moderation + cyber hygiene practices.”

- Ratified by The Light Collective Community

Vision For The Future

The Light Collective supports a trusted health community-driven and health community-governed online collective for peer support groups sharing health journeys, curated content, and research, and connecting individuals, including patients, caregivers, and clinicians. The Light Collective is transparently identified and committed to respecting patient privacy, and being held to account for doing so.

The value of the collective governance is derived from the ability of an online community to make and carry out decisions.  Stewardship of that value is for the benefit of the members who are part of that online community. Therefore, the potential for both individual and group benefit, and the potential for both individual and group harm, must be considered in decision-making.

Core Values of The Light Collective

These are the core values of The Light Collective’s governance.

Tapping into the power of The Collective.

We seek ways to make online communities and the members they serve the beneficiary of resources and knowledge that are generated by online health communities.

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Consensus Driven

We make important decisions together by voting.

Legal + Ethical

We seek partners who follow the law and basic principles of research + medical ethics.

Transparent + Accountable

Online health communities seek transparency and accountability from the technology platforms where they reside.


Leadership of The Light Collective, and leaders of online communities must be responsive to the members that they serve.

Efficient + Effective

Make the use of knowledge and resources efficient and effective for the benefit of online health communities.

Equitable + Inclusive

The Light Collective must seek ways to be equitable and inclusive to diverse online health communities.