Meet Our Team

We started as a grassroots group working to get patient support groups to a safer place.  Now we are a team working to fundamentally change the relationship between vulnerable peer support groups and tech platforms where they convene.


Andrea Downing

President & Co-Founder

Andrea Downing is a Community Data Organizer, and advocate for people who carry hereditary cancer mutations. In 2018, she discovered the SICGRL security vulnerability with Fred Trotter.
Andrea began her work in patient advocacy in 2013, as media spokesperson for one of the plaintiffs in Association of Molecular Pathology vs. Myriad Genetics. She served on the organizing team at Stanford Medicine X.

Fred Trotter

CTO, Co-Founder

Fred Trotter is co-founder of The Light Collective and CTO of CareSet Systems. He is a leading authority on the intersection of Health IT and CyberSecurity. He originally trained in cybersecurity as a contractor at the US AirForce Information Warfare Center. He was a founding member of the first Healthcare Industry CyberSecurity Task Force and co-authored the report on improving the cybersecurity of the healthcare industry which was presented to the US Congress in June 2017. Fred co-wrote the first ever book on Hacking Healthcare. In 2016 he won the Healthcare Data Liberator Award for his work opening significant healthcare data sets. As a Healthcare Data Journalist, Fred focuses on the interaction between using patient data safely to benefit patients, while respecting their privacy and safety.

Jill Holdren

Senior Adviser & Co-Founder

Jill Holdren has a background in environmental science and public health/epidemiology and has experience managing state-wide public health programs, international consortiums, and non-profits, as well as thinking about and analyzing public health data. She is active as a patient and research advocate representing the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community. She is focused on supporting the empowerment and autonomy of self-organized patient communities, understanding and communicating the critical role peer support plays in the healthcare continuum, and helping individual patients and patient communities work with research and healthcare institutions as full partners, rather than subjects.

Advisory Board

Council of the Wise