Content Moderation

Peer Support Group Moderators do life-saving work for their communities.

Peer support group leaders provide opportunities for empowerment, education, support, and connection for people seeking health information on social media. These leaders almost always do this work as unpaid volunteers in order to serve and help their communities.

Without any resources or training to sustain their work, peer support group leaders have become stewards of one of the most important resources in health care.

Time for a change.

Peer Support leaders need support too.

Administrators/moderators set the group rules, screen prospective members, establish the tone and focus of the group, facilitate discussions, curate and steward the content of the group, maximize group member privacy protections, and connect users to additional resources.

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Members Are Saying

The BRCA Sisterhood was the best, most valuable resource I had to navigate through one of the toughest times of my life. I would be lost without being able to search for certain surgery topics and ask people for input and opinions. Knowledge really is power and this page was the main tool I used to learn about my BRCA condition and my options.

BRCA Sisterhood Member

Professional, vetted information is extremely important to me and I am grateful to the leader for her engagement of the medical community to provide answers and guidance

BRCA Advanced Member

This group was an easily accessible lifeline in times of need.

Cancer Support Group Member

This Facebook group was a godsend. I work 2 jobs so could not find the time to go to one in person. I'm on Facebook daily so this is very convenient for me and has been a satisfying experience

Cancer Support Group Member

Best Practices for Online Support Group Moderators

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