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The Light Collective will endeavor to remain free of excess influence related to financial support.

The Light Collective recognizes a donation to be an arrangement with industry; a company; organization or individual that provides financial support to The Light Collective in exchange for value‐neutral acknowledgement that neither endorses nor identifies a sponsor’s products or services.  

The Light Collective requires a written agreement with the donor, which reflects the purpose (or unrestricted use), amount, and the agreed upon acknowledgment of the donation. The Light Collective Board reserves the right to turn down donations at its sole discretion.

Our staff independently determines how to acknowledge the donating organization in a value‐neutral manner so as to not endorse or promote a sponsor’s product or service.

Donations will be utilized in a manner consistent with the strategic plan and mission, and will not alter the processes used by the organization to execute its mission.  As a potential stakeholder, donor organizations may be involved in the tactical execution of The Light Collective’s activities and projects; however, the scope of involvement will not be impacted by the presence or absence of a donation.

Corporate Donations must be reviewed by the Board of Directors in order to evaluate the organization’s alignment with The Light Collective’s mission.  All individuals engaged in fundraising on behalf of The Light Collective are obligated to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest, where possible. Where conflicts may exist, they must be disclosed to affected parties. The Light Collective and all individuals engaged in fundraising on behalf of The Light Collective reject coercion in all of its forms and are obligated to be honest and realistic in stating all activity claims or estimates.

In addition, The Light Collective adheres to external rules and guidance related to commercial support including: Internal Revenue Service regulations governing organizations classified as federally tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Individuals fundraising on behalf of The Light Collective will always act with integrity, following legislative and regulatory requirements, and will always work for the best interests of The Light Collective, and both the professionals and patients we serve.  It is The Light Collective’s duty and obligation to manage our relationships with external organizations, irrespective of the nature of the relationships responsibly and ethically, while putting the patients first.

These Ethical Principles of Fundraising will be updated regularly, as needed.  

December 18, 2022 version 1.0